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Selection of color combinations for pillows
Color combinations of back pillows (3 per set)
Pink/white magazine pouch
Beverage holder


To put the finishing touches on your Maxtrix furniture, we have created a wide selection of accessories:
  • Matching bolster pillows (2 per set), back pillows (3 per set) and mattress covers in a variety of colors, all with attention to detail lined piping along the edges of the fabrics.
  • A convenient bed-side tray that easily hooks onto the side rails
  • The beverage holder additionally features 3 round cut outs that safely hold glasses or cups in place
  • Magazine pouches for easy access of reading materials in a variety of colors
  • 3 different bed post finial styles, available in white or natural birch
For details on color choices, please click on “fabrics”


Our wide selection of stylish fabrics is what makes the Maxtrix collection so much fun!

Inspired by the latest color and design trends, we have created a wide array of choices to create a beautiful color accent in any room, and inspire kids to play and enjoy their environment. All our fabrics are made out of easy care 100% cotton.

The boys color scheme combines navy blue, rich red and pure white, while the girls colors feature a gorgeous textured chambray weave in a selection of rosy pink, fresh apple green, sunshine yellow and also pure white.

The chambré weave has white threads woven one way and colored threads woven the other way, in order to give the fabrics a rich and textured effect.

Fabric accessories include:
  • a variety of curtains, top tents and towers
  • mattress covers
  • pillow cases
  • magazine pouches
To create fun combinations, try mixing up different colors of pillows, mattress covers and curtains – for instance try the pink mattress cover, green pillows and the multicolor curtain (green/yellow/pink) – it looks great against the brilliant white bed. Or simply stay with the clean and classic lines of blue and white against the rich tones of natural birch or even solid white beds.
Boys colors are navy blue, deep red and white
Girls colors are chambré pink, green, yellow and white
Flag pole on top of pink/white tower
Flag pole on top of green/yellow tower
Student desk w/keyboard tray & hutch
Student desk w/keyboard tray & hutch
Student desk w/keyboard tray & hutch
Long desk w/keyboard tray & 2 x 3½ drawer dressers


Maxtrix desks are the perfect addition to the bedroom when it’s time for school!

We offer 2 types of desks that you can combine in a variety of styles and options:

  • The student desk: A sturdy solid birch desk that features a 3 drawer storage unit, a wide working surface and a keyboard tray. To make sure you can easily switch from work to play, we have equipped this desk with optional wheels, so it can slide under the low loft bed, and create additional space.
    To add extra storage and a more sophisticated look, we have created an optional hutch attachment that turns the student desk into a beautiful freestanding study environment – complete with a cork board to attach pictures and letters, and an extra shelf for folders and books.
    The shelf is tall enough to allow a standard monitor to fit on the desk, and just above the desk surface is a cable access port, so all unsightly cable messes can be tucked behind the desk.
  • The full length desk: An extra wide desk surface that can either be mounted underneath the high loft bed, spanning the full width of the bed, or be used as a freestanding desk, resting on 2 x 3 drawer storage units. This desk comes with a keyboard tray as well as a height adjustable center support leg for stability.

Storage Units

Maxtrix storage units have an innovative design that enables a multitude of uses:
  • You can use the basic storage units to fit them exactly in, around and next to Maxtrix bed combinations. The low bookcase, student desk and 3 & 6 drawer dressers fit exactly under the low loft beds, the high bookcase and 5 drawer dresser under the high loft bed. Like this, space underneath or beside the beds are used optimally, and a seamless, stylish look is easy to create.
  • All Maxtrix units come with a set of legs that have nylon anti-scratch pads, so you easily can slide the furniture across the floor in order to help prevent damaging smooth surfaces. The legs are mounted on metal thread rods, and are inserted into metal inserts on the underside of the storage units for easy assembly. This also makes the units easily height adjustable.
  • If you want freestanding pieces, you can add a beautiful crown and base kit, and transform more basic storage units into sophisticated dressers and bookcases that look great by themselves. These kits also come with a different set of legs that are a bit taller.
  • All tall Maxtrix dressers and bookcases come with an “anti tip kit”, a set of hardware that attaches the storage unit to the wall, to help prevent the unit from tipping over. The safety of you and your child is our utmost concern, and this innovative feature is specifically designed to avoid accidents.
  • All of our drawers have been carefully crafted to be BIG and oversized where possible: Extra wide and extra high and extra deep. They feature hi-tech hidden, smooth running, ball bearing drawer glides, so you can’t see any unsightly runners. This significantly reduces any “shimmering” or “wobble” – you will feel the quality difference.
  • All our drawers are crafted out of solid birch, with English Dovetail Joints back & front, and a solid birch face. We know that kid’s furniture has to withstand some roughhousing!! With this quality, you can load up the drawers and they won’t buckle or come apart.
  • An optional beveled, framed mirror is available, and can be used in 2 ways: Either you can easily attach it to the back of the 3 or 6 drawer dresser – no matter if the unit has a crown and base or not – or you use it as a beautiful mirror you simply hang on the wall.
3 & 6 drawer dresser fits perfectly under low loft
Low bookcase, 3 drawer dresser & student desk under low loft bed
storage unit without crown/base piece
6 drawer dresser w/crown & base and mirror


Maxtrix offers a choice of 3 luxury twin size mattresses especially designed for the optimal health, safety and comfort of your child.

All 3 mattresses feature super soft chenille ticking that has been treated with Nanotex technology. It’s built right into the fibers of the fabric to instantly repel spills and resist stains without changing the luxurious, super soft pillow top look and feel of the ticking.

All our mattresses are odorless and Hypo-allergenic to promote a healthier sleep-environment.

Maxtrix mattresses are all 5” high – an important safety feature, especially on raised beds. The taller the mattress, the lower the safety rail effectively becomes – and fall out accidents become more likely.
The problem with low mattresses is that they are often low quality – thin and not very comfortable. That’s why we have created a line of extra comfy luxury mattresses that have all the bells and whistles – but do not compromise on safety.

You have a choice of 3 styles:

MaxMemory – Our most advanced and sophisticated model combines 207 compact springs (13.5 gage coils) with the most advanced foam technology available: Memory foam. This foam is specially designed to adjust to your child’s body shape on contact, ensuring excellent spinal support and body weight distribution. Pressure points are reduced for a healthy restful sleep.
360 degree foam border protection encases all steel wiring and framing and makes even the edges super soft and comfortable.

MaxSpring – An excellent spring mattress, which features all the comforts and spinal support of 207 spring coils (13.5 gage) reduced down to a compact size.
360 degree foam border protection encases all steel wiring and framing and makes even the edges super soft and comfortable.

MaxFoam – High quality convoluted tri-foam combination helps distribute your child’s weight more evenly across the mattress – for better spinal support.

We also offer trundle mattresses (MaxFoam only) and will soon be introducing a selection of full size mattresses.

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