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Quality & Craftsmanship

Maxtrix Kids. Kids Bedroom Furniture Maxtrix Kids. Kids Bedroom Furniture Maxtrix Kids. Kids Bedroom Furniture

Lacquers & Finishes

The MaxtrixTM line offers 2 colors-Natural Birch and Solid White. All beds feature chamfered edges for an extra smooth look. Our bolts are designed with a stylish chrome finish. Crown and base addition for our storage units are intricately crafted to bring a whole new level of style into your child's bedroom.



Rock LockTM

MaxtrixTM offers our amazing rock solid Rock LockTM connection mechanism, which allows for a regular bed to be easily converted into a multitude of options such as a captain's bed, low loft, bunk bed, high loft etc. Our system safety compresses the leg extensions onto the bed legs, via a solid steel bolt. This mechanism, which solely relies on steel to compress the wood pieces together, gives you one of the best, strongest and safest connections for a bed system- which makes any of our bed configurations absolutely rock solid.



All of our drawers have been carefully crafted to be BIG and oversized where possible. Extra wide & extra high & extra deep - we know that there is nothing more irritating than squeezing toys or clothes into drawers without enough space. We pride ourselves of having among the deepest drawers in the industry. Our Drawers feature hi-tech hidden, smooth running, ball bearing drawer glides so can't see any unsightly runners. They significantly reduce any "shimmering" or "wobble". You will feel the quality difference. All our drawers are crafted out of solid wood with English Dovetail joints.

childrens bedroom furniture - Safe and secureWE CONSIDER MAXTRIXTM TO BE THE SAFEST BED FOR KIDS ON THE MARKET

Minimum safety standards were not good enough for us as we designed our furniture. That’s why MaxtrixTM meets or exceeds all Federal and US Safety Standards. Two key examples of this are safety rail height and bed weight limit.


  Federal Regulation
MaxtrixTM System
Safety Rail Height
5 inches 11 inches*
Bed Weight Limit 400 pounds 800 pounds**
*using our 5 inch MaxtrixTM mattresses, measured above mattress surface
** non-certified test performed by MaxtrixTM personnel, based on ASTM standard testing method.

childrens bedroom furniture - Safe and secureSo if you kids “horse play” in the beds (something we strongly advise NOT to do), it is much safer having a higher guard rail, to prevent them from falling out of the bed. But kids will be kids and the extra safety is always an added bonus…..

childrens bedroom furniture - Safe and secure
Our ladder steps are extra broad and grooved, so getting into bed is as safe and comfortable as it is sleeping in it.
childrens bedroom furniture - Safe and secure
Beds with angle ladders are equipped with a sturdy handrail to ensure safe climbing.
Maxtrix Kids. Kids Bedroom Furniture - Birch Tree
The Birch tree
Birch wood
Birch trees can reach an age of 300 years and become 80 ft (25 m) high, but generally they are fully grown after 80 years. Birch is abundant all over the northern globe, and is a well managed resource from an environmental perspective.

Birch wood is an excellent hardwood to manufacture furniture with, due to it´s unique combination of hardness and toughness.

It is amongst the hardest woods used for manufacturing furniture, which provides longer durability of the furniture and is much less prone “dings” and scratches than other woods such as poplar and pine.

Its amongst the toughest woods used for furniture, which means that birch has an excellent ability to resist stress fractures (there is no point in buying a hardwood furniture piece, if it easily chips).

At Maxtrix™ we have found that it is the unique balance of these 2 components, that have been most important to us, when selecting the wood material used to manufacture Maxtrix™. Additionally we find that the natural color and grain pattern of birch is beautiful which is an added bonus.

We hope that the displayed "Hardness & Toughness Scale" illustrates our reasoning.

Birch tree the most common hardwood
The birch distribution area is all over the northern globe.
Maxtrix Kids. Kids Bedroom Furniture
Picture: The birch distribution area

Below please note the relative hardness and toughness to other wood species often used in furniture production.

Maxtrix Kids. Kids Bedroom Furniture

The Janka (or side) hardness test measures the force required to embed a .444 inch steel ball to half its diameter in wood. This is one of the best measures of the ability of wood species to withstand denting and wear. It is also a good indicator of how hard a species is to saw or nail. The higher the number, the harder the wood.

The toughness scales reflects the relative bending strength between birch and other wood species measured in Mpa.

childrens bedroom furniture - certifications of maxtrix bunk beds childrens bedroom furniture - Guarantee
When you buy MaxtrixTM you have our guarantee that we will keep manufacturing or stocking the beds and leg kits you need to alter you bed for at least 5 years after you first purchase. Our bed is a system! The best reason to get a MaxtrixTM bed is BECAUSE you can adapt the bed to your childs need-when you need it – in an economical way- and how great is that! We therefore vow to keep the dimensions and shapes of the bed and leg kits for a 5 year minimum after you have purchased your bed.
childrens bedroom furniture - Guarantee
Maxwood Furniture merchandise is warranted to the original purchasers from authorized dealers for factory related defects (materials and workmanship) that appear under normal household use for a period of 5 years from date of shipment from our factory. Please report any concerns you may have with your furniture to your retailer. This warranty is limited to replacement of the defective part, or substitution of product.
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